Best Practices Assessment

Madison Advisors’ Best Practices Assessment (BPA) is a comprehensive study designed to examine best practices across the converging markets of high-volume output, print on demand (POD), and electronic delivery operations, including those of captive or internal document services operations and for-profit service providers. We have conducted our BPA with over 80 Fortune 1000 organizations. Through the study Madison Advisors’ analysts gain first-hand knowledge of the output practices – good and bad – across a variety of industries and applications.

Madison Advisors plots each participating organization’s scores against the group scores, providing participants objective insight into how their operations and practices compare to those of the industry at large. BPA participants also benefit from the real-time analysis and expert opinions of Madison Advisors’ analysts in several areas:

  • The best application of resources to support high levels of document production efficiency, effectiveness, and quality
  • Means for achieving cost containment
  • Means for successfully deploying technology
  • Means for enhancing organizational control to gain additional improvements over time