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Customer communications management (CCM) is a dynamic industry that continues to evolve and adapt because of changes in technology, increased competition, and strict regulatory requirements. These changes not only affect enterprises that produce communications for consumers, but for all stakeholders who are involved in the CCM ecosystem. Print service providers (PSPs) are not exempt from feeling the impact of these dynamics. In response to this rapidly evolving industry, many print service providers have expanded beyond print and mail to offer document creation services and omni-channel delivery.

In A Service Provider Perspective on the Customer Communications Industry, 2nd Edition, Madison Advisors examines trends in the CCM industry and the impact on the document process outsourcing (DPO) market, providing insight on the trends in the industry as viewed by organizations who have evolved beyond the last stop of the document lifecycle prior to delivery and into service providers that offer value added services in addition to print and mail.


A Service Provider Perspective on the Customer Communications Industry, 2nd Edition (March 2017) – $750

Excerpt from Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Key Findings
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Printed Communications – Still An Important Component of CCM
  5. To Invest or Not – Is That Really The Question?
  6. Trends in Outsourcing In-House Operations
  7. Electronic Delivery – The Demise of Print?
  8. Cross-Channel Communications May Revive Print
  9. Downward Pressure on Market Pricing
  10. Successful Onboarding – The Foundation of Client Relationships
  11. CCM Hosted Managed Services
  12. Service Providers Adapt to Client Requirements
  13. Client Demand for Color Output Continues to Increase
  14. The State of the USPS
  15. Conclusion
  16. Appendix A – Participant Profiles
  17. Appendix B – About The Authors
  18. Appendix C – About Madison Advisors


Service Provider Multi-Channel Market Study (April 2011) – $500

Excerpt from Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Section I – Market Overview
  3. Converging Markets
  4. Multi-Channel Market Growth
  5. Vertical Market Support
  6. Digital Mail Box – The Next Incremental Adoption Wave
  7. Competitive Analysis and Trends
  8. Multi-Channel Market Impact
  9. Internal v. DPO eDelivery solutions
  10. Section III Service Provider Profiles
  11. Section IV Conclusion
  12. Table of Worldwide Paperless Mail Providers


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A Service Provider Perspective on the Customer Communications Industry, 2nd Edition (March 2017), Service Provider Multi-Channel Market Study, 1st Edition (Apr 2011)